About Us

• Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
• Inventory Management
• Document Management with Version Control
• Pre-Clinical/Clinical Trial Process
• Help Desk
• Service Level Agreements
• Move Management
• ITIL Business process
• Outsource/In source Management

The FDA and Internal Auditors want to know exactly how you
manufacture certain products or utilize sensitive personal information
with your company. They want to see what methods you use and how
you certify whether or not that process is being followed. Millions of
dollars are spent each year by companies redesigning processes to fit
into someone else’s idea of the ideal workflow. We think that is wasting
your money.

Evergreen Consulting Group has the tools to support your efforts in
this area. Our Work Flow Management tool UNIFlow can handle the
most complex tasks with ease. UNIFlow’s highly acclaimed flexibility will
accommodate your specific processes. We can build your LIMS or any
complex process your way 100% of the time. We can match your needs
today and if you change it tomorrow we can adapt the tool to your new
process within hours, rather than days or weeks. All of this is achievable
at a price point that you will find very reasonable.

We also specialize in moving companies into new facilities. We can
design, install or move all of your cabling, voice, data and network
components. This includes the server room and facilities layouts for
these critical IT infrastructure components.