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How many times have you heard the phrase: “We will build you software to
model your business,” only to find out that the second part of that phrase
is ...“as long as you follow our architecture,” or...“if it fits within our skill sets.”
In that sense ECG is significantly different.

We all have our key strengths, but we are willing to acknowledge that one set
of strengths may not fit all needs. When your ideas do not blend with our skill
sets, we have formed alliances with some of the best software development
talent in the area to assist you on your project. We will select the best
resources to fit your project and bring them into your team.

You will find our approach to be more than a staff augmentation model; this is
a company augmentation model. This is where gray hair counts. Our years of
experience in this industry are focused on finding the best approaches and
technologies to fulfill your unique requirements. Evergreen Consulting Group
is committed to building the right solution on the right platform using the
right tools – for you!