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• Executive Level Reporting
• Risk Management Coverage
• Actionable Remediation Plans
• Protect Key Intellectual Capital
• Documented Security Practices
• Full Review of Management Controls
• Business Continuation Plans

Evergreen Consulting Group believes that every employee within your company needs to be
sensitive to the intellectual capital developed by your company. Most of the attention in recent
years has been focused on data systems and their associated networks. ECG does not wish to
diminish this concern. We believe that you need to focus on both your voice and data networks
and infrastructure systems.

Telephony systems and their associated adjunct systems used to be provided by proprietary
technology contained in a limited number of boxes with little or no access to the outside world.
As technology evolves and these systems become more complex we are witnessing a migration
of these services to server based technologies that are now connected to your corporate

Suddenly a whole new myriad of attacks are presenting themselves to your organization’s
intellectual capital. These servers are now vulnerable to attacks from malicious viruses, hackers,
and even disgruntled employees. Your operations team is now faced with keeping these
systems current with virus updates, version control, and roll outs of new features. Our
experience tells us that these systems are not being held to the same level of scrutiny and
discipline that you require for your data systems. ECG can help you identify these security gaps
and develop remediation strategies to protect your company.