About Us

• Web Based Reports
• Access Limited to Only Those Who
Need to Know
• Information from Your Existing
Systems and Databases
• Parameter Driven Reporting
• Simultaneous Access to Multiple
Source Systems
• Scheduled or Instant Access

Your business leaders depend upon timely information to make the
critical decisions required to steer the course of your business. Often
times days or weeks or even months are spent trying to consolidate
disparate pieces of information from many of your own systems into a
report that your executives can use to make these decisions. This issue
is not about having the information; it already exists. The problem is
better defined as an access issue: where is the information, in how
many different sources does it reside, can it be compiled in an auditable
process (this does not include spread sheets or, in many cases,
undocumented Access Databases) and how long is it going to take
to get it to the right person.

Evergreen Consulting Group can help you build the reporting databases
and systems required to put the exact information you need in the proper
hands in a timely manner. Our web based tools enable your requests
for information to be used any time, by authorized individuals, from
anywhere in the world where they have internet access. Work no
longer needs to be constricted by the walls of your business.