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Evergreen Consulting Group (ECG) is a team
of seasoned professionals who utilize creative
approaches to optimize your business. Our
tools, custom built software and services are
designed to be flexible and adaptable to your
business model. We do not expect you to
change your business processes and pro-
cedures to conform to our view of the world.

Evergreen’s process starts with an assessment
of your unique business requirements and only
then will we begin to develop software and
solutions that fulfill your specific needs. Our
processes and management tools are designed
to model your business rules; not ours.

Furthermore, we can
demonstrate that as your
business changes our tools
can be customized to meet
your new model in hours
vs. days or weeks.

Evergreen approaches Business
Intelligence as the means to
optimize the access to data that is
already yours but may not be
available to those who need it.

Our Security Audit process is built to
satisfy a minimum of four levels of
management within your organ-
ization that are concerned about
managing risk to your organization:

• Auditors
• Risk Management
• IT Management
• Security Management

Our team leverages years
of experience to "bring
new life to your business."