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About Us
Tom Cooley

Tom Cooley has more than 36 years of
experience in the IT industry. Tom’s back-
ground includes Management roles for
industry leaders, General Mills, Pillsbury and
Qwest. He also brings years of project
management skills to the table when working
with our customers. He combines his broad
understanding of business process and
technology with his creative approach to find
new life and solutions for your business.

Bill Harten
Vice President
Business Process

Bill Harten has 33 years of experience
in the design and development of complex
databases and work flow management
tools. He is the Founder and President of
UNIConnect which developed the process
automation tool, UNIFlow, which Evergreen
Consulting Group utilizes in our Business
Process Management practice.

Bob Andersen
Vice President
Security Audits

Bob Andersen brings over 31 years experience
in the design, operation and management of
complex voice, data and video networks. Bob
is an effective and creative problem solver
with a unique ability to bridge the business
and technical aspects of a problem. He was
instrumental in developing our Security Audit
Practice based upon ITIL Best Practices.